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I have never been a big fan of needles and 2 previous experiences with acupuncture never left a good lasting memory to reccommend acupuncture to people. But already after the first session with Teressa I was surprised by how energised I felt and how effective just one session was. I also appreciated how she was fully there with her attention and presence and not like other acupuncturists who can go from one room to the other to treat more patients at the same time. The type of acupuncture she applies is great for me, as she only needs to needle one side and not both, so less needles, big win there. And I mainly loved the combination of guasha, acupuncture and moxa. Now I am into acupuncture and I can hardly wait for the herbs to arrive that will help with a reset after geving birth to my second. Thank you Teressa for your help so far, looking forward to my next session.

Floor Tuinstra

My experience with Teressa was nothing short of amazing. She did acupuncture mainly on my knee after a football injury. She was professional, talked me through everything and helped my recovery. I would definitely like to try it again!

Simon Hall

When you visit Teressa for a treatment, you will realize that she indeed has a truly joyful heart. She welcomes everyone with compassion, a smile and a high standard of care. During her treatments she devotes time to listen and understand you while carefully addressing your needs. Her style of Acupuncture is gentle and effective. I personally found great relief from her treatments and I’m forever grateful. She treated me all through my pregnancy and post-partum. I highly recommend this fantastic Acupuncturist!

Cheryl Davies

I was so lucky Tess could fit me in for a series of acupuncture sessions when teaching in Lecce. Her sensitivity and ability to tune in rapidly to what needed attention was quite exceptional. As a result, my liver, brain fog and overall energy improved, to the point where I can now drink a glass of Primitivo!

Elaine Giles

Joyful Heart Acupuncture is an intuitive, wholesome approach to solving the ailments that you maybe experiencing. This is an all rounded acupuncture, with tips in Chinese medicine, ear seeds, the works, nothing is too much effort in terms of recommendations in how to get you back into balance and feeling well again.
I really enjoy and look forward this time to deeply relax in the treatment and feel better connected to my body.
I have had serveral treatments now and I can honestly say I feel so much better, much stronger Chi flow and know how to get into balance quicker. 
These are by far the most effect acupuncture treatments that I have recieved, thank you for everything!

Becky Howes

Teressa is the best acupuncturist I have ever met. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, kind and very skilled. She is very thorough in her evaluation and take each case to heart. When I had my first appointment with Teressa I was struggling with some weird health issues that doctors were having a hard time understanding. Her evaluation and perspective of what's been going on was the only one that made sense to me and that proved to be true. You are definitely in good hands when you are treated by Teressa. I highly recommend her!

Roberto Scordari

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