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Faster EFT, the Supercharged Healing Technique

Releasing old trauma is the first step to healing the body 🌟

Many of our health problems - digestive issues, insomnia, depression, aches & pains, hormonal imbalances and others - may very well be connected to past traumas and the beliefs we’ve created as a result of them.

Like subtle background noise, they’re continually running the show, filtering our experiences and creating the same reality and circumstances, over and over.

By allowing ourselves to feel them and clear them out we create peace in our minds and bodies. As a result, deep healing can occur.

Years ago I discovered a simple tool to do this. It’s called EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and it’s helped me so much - allowing me to ground in times of worry, as well as let go of many fears, past hurts and limiting beliefs.

It works by reprogramming our emotional charge to traumas and negative past events.

This naturally gets rid of the hamster wheels that have been keeping us stuck for years, and which have been fueling our anxiety, self-sabotage, and dis-ease.

I recently discovered another version of this called “Faster EFT” and well, it’s even faster and more effective. You simply tap on a couple of powerful acupuncture points while feeling the feels, breathing and releasing.

The process is this:

  • You start by simply acknowledging your problem (it could be emotional, physical, financial, psychological, or anything else). Notice what you feel, where you feel it in your body and how intense it is on a scale of 1-10. Notice if any images or sounds come to mind. It helps if you write this all down.

  • You then tap using two fingers on the following points: between the eyes, side of the eye, under the eye, and then either on the sternum or under the collarbones (I’ve seen both used; see picture). You can tap on one or both sides; whatever is more comfortable for you.

  • While tapping each point, I like to personally state out loud what’s bothering me (i.e. “I’m feeling so anxious), what I’m feeling about it (It’s so heavy, I feel it in my chest, etc.) and then the “letting go” statements like, “I now lovingly let this go” and “It’s easy to let this go”.

  • After a few rounds of that you then take a deep breath, press the wrist point with your thumb (PC6 in acupuncture), and breathe it all out, finishing it off by saying the word “Peace”. You then close by going to a positive, happy memory of any kind from your past. I conjure up memories of playing outdoors with my friends as a kid, peaceful images of watching a starlit night, or walking on the beach, just to name a few.

  • Check in and gauge how intense you feel about the situation now and where you feel it; rinse and repeat until you feel 0 or neutral. Each time you do this it’ll feel less and less intense.

The Faster EFT tapping protocol

Pericardium 6 wrist point

If you’re facing some major trauma I would DEFINITELY recommend seeing an EFT therapist to get you started. My own experience with this was so incredibly powerful it's hard to find the words to express exactly what happened, but it was one of the most worthwhile investments I've ever made.

Feel free to do this protocol on your own as much as you’d like. The key is to just keep doing it 'til the charge comes down to zero. Trust me, those memories that used to make you suffer will somehow magically lose their power over you.

Once you get the hang of it, the whole process literally takes two minutes, and shifts your energy from overwhelmed 😫 to focused, peaceful and grounded 😌 in less time than it takes to watch something on Netflix or scroll your IG feed 😉

Want more info? Check out these links for a more detailed explanation on how it works and how to practice:

Wishing you so much health, happiness and healing! ✨

Love, Teressa 💖


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